View Full Version : Any benefit of using a DVD recorder with HDMI input?

2007 September 30th, 14:13
I know unless you have an HD DVD recorder footage will be downconverted to SD. A friend of mine has a DVD recorder with HDMI input, so if I print my movie to tape in FCE and then copy directly to the DVD recorder using HDMI will the SD look any better than if I burn a DVD on my MAC? Just curious. BTW he says the recorder has DivX 5.0 and he's not sure if that's the format it records in or just that it is capable of playing that. Thanks!


P.S. Just realized I posted this in the "footage" thread instead
of the main thread.

2007 October 1st, 00:49
Are you sure his recorder has a HDMI input? I believe current consumer SD recorders in the market do not have HDMI or even component input. Perhaps you can post the brand/model to verify?