View Full Version : Pulling out a cravat test WA

2007 September 24th, 20:14
I went for a flight to test the WA and vid mic and had a collapse and cravat (wing tip gets tangled in other lines). As I installed a new stabilizer line last week of a different colour, you can see my hand first pulling on a line of the old colour, then searching through for the new line and a quick pull releases the cravat. Next the ground comes up, and I have to get ready to land and drop the glider.

I'm still having trouble figuring out where the cam is filming, mostly the upper and lower frames. I think I'll go back to the idea of black lining a pair of glasses so it matches the viewfinder. :hv20-smilie55:

http://hv20.info/yopu/Pulling out small cravat.mpg

2007 September 24th, 22:36
I must say, on the first frame of the video there is one of those phantom blue lines!! OH NOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

But yeah, great vid ^_^

2007 September 25th, 01:40
Do you mean the double exposure looking flag pole? Hadn't noticed it when I posted, but it sure is there... weird.

I did trim the beginning as it was unviewable. My head was swinging about, checking a variety of things prior to launch. Made me dizzy just trying to edit it out.

2007 September 25th, 09:00
Silly me =P

2007 September 25th, 15:35
Whew, thought there was something more. Couldn't believe the difference between the mpg file and the avi (full of interlacing artifacts) think I'll try again in several different render's. Problem is, I have so many templates now, not sure which I used.