View Full Version : I need some 24p footage with pulldown

2007 September 19th, 17:07
Hi, could somebody upload some footage in 24p contained in 60i? I'd like to remove pulldown by myself, but I don't have any video-capture device yet...
Thanks and sorry for my bad english (if this is bad... hehe).

Eugenia Loli-Queru
2007 September 19th, 17:14
Already linked from this forum:

2007 September 21st, 00:53
Raw 24p HDV with TV mode on & shutter speed at 1/48 (wrapped in 60i)
http://hv20.info/yopu/TMPGenc 60i-24p start.m2t

Encoded TMPGEnc with Pulldown completed
http://hv20.info/yopu/TMPGEnc 24p after.m2t

Pulldown done correctly with TMPGenc. You can compare your final output to the above to see if you did it right.