View Full Version : playing with 16:9 adaptor to get widescreen

2007 September 19th, 06:16
I shot these with a 16:9 anamorphic adapter which if you do the math ends up providing an effective 2.35 aspect ratio. That's Cinemascope! Anyway, the test was less successful than I hope it would be since the adapter seems to have some serious optical flaws. If you look at the edges of the frame you'll notice all kinds of aberration and blur.

Oh, the second image is actually 1.33. I turned the adapter on it's side to capture a native 1.33!

This test also kills another bird (if you will pardon the pun) with this stone. I did a motion compensated 60i to 24p slow-mo. Pardon the shakiness. I should have just turned on OIS. I guess I don't have as steady a hand as I thought.