View Full Version : My first edited footage - My Dog on HV20 - Swimming

2007 September 17th, 15:23
This is my first footage online shot by the hv20. It includes my dog SJIMMIE, an appenzeller sennen dog. Hes really into swimming and in the video he falls in the water, hehe. Editing, and color done in iMovie, still trying to let fcp 5 recognize the cam.

Have fun:


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Geoffrey Grundeken Productions

2007 September 24th, 17:41
I liked the footage. Was this shot at sunset or was that done in post? The colors have a more red/orange tint to them and the green of the grass was very vibrant.

2007 September 24th, 19:07
Well, its filmed in Sunset Mode...

The color is done in the final cut pro 3way color correction tool.

But on a sony Bravia lcd its maybe a little too green:P

2007 October 24th, 15:52
its on VIMEO now as well: