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2007 September 17th, 06:43
A few clips I put together in Premiere. I used the time warp-filter on some of the clips. Don't know what went wrong, but the beetle walks backwards the first second of that clip, couldn't get rid of that problem... Anyway, here's the footage:


2007 September 18th, 15:35
I was downloading tons of clips from the HV20 and didn't read your comment, but saw your video first, and I thought the beetle bit was awesome! Very nicely shot, very nice editing - signed up here just to tell you so :)

2007 September 18th, 17:57
respect. your video was fabulous... but really. Especially the part with the sky/plane...:hv20-smilie03:

2007 September 19th, 16:08
Thanks for your comments! :) Anyone know what's up with the time warp-filter? Why does the first second go reverse? Must be a bug or what did I do wrong?

2007 September 20th, 15:05
I've just returned from Sweden - Stockholm and can't wait to play with the footage. Beautiful country.

I'm dl'd your vid now, can't wait to see it.


2007 September 26th, 09:02

Hope you don't mind, but I borrowed your clip to use as an example of how to encode with H.264

You can find the thread here:

Canon HV20 User Forum > HV20 & HR10 & HV10 Camcorders > Mixed Bag
> Anyone with QT compression experience?

If you have any problem with this, I will remove it immediately. Otherwise, many thanks. It was a pleasure to work with!