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antonio guerra
2007 September 14th, 19:20
a promo i put together for a buddy of mine.


Eugenia Loli-Queru
2007 September 14th, 19:49
Wow, amazing job! Well done!
BTW, did you use a 35mm adapter? How did you get these cooler colors and DOF? What NLE did you use?

2007 September 15th, 01:07
Very nice, done in Vegas?
what adapter?
thanks for sharing!

2007 September 15th, 05:12
Looks pretty sweet, damn the HV20 is a sexy beast.

2007 September 15th, 05:46
amazing work,i love the colors

2007 September 15th, 06:54
beautiful footage.

Daan Pol
2007 September 15th, 08:46
That looked very good! Very enjoyable to watch!

Would you mind sharing a bit of a 'making of'?

Thank you in advance!

Ten Ounce
2007 September 15th, 14:49
I find it hard to believe that video was done with the same camera that is sitting next to me right now! Great looking video, very well edited.

ffaf 07
2007 September 15th, 17:03
Loved the look of the breakdancing scene in particular. You got that shot on a beautiful day.

P.S. - If that was a trailer in a movie theatre, I guarantee you would hear tons of mutters of "ooohh that looks good! I'm seeing that!"

2007 September 15th, 18:15
That looks very good. You have a great editing sensibility.

Static DIY adapter? What mic did you use?

antonio guerra
2007 September 16th, 14:28
thanks for the compliments...

fcp 6
24p / cine mode
used hv20 shade setting for most of the outdoor shots except for the warehouse scene where he is beatboxing and also the break dancing shot.
brightness and contrast
nattress g film filter
hv20 internal mic
diy adapter for some shots...no longer have the adapter

thanks for the compliments...
my photographer friend invited me to a photo shoot....i was just hanging out and then decided to take my hv20 out the car, just to practice....after filming for a few minutes i showed them the footage and they were really impressed with the quality. they asked me to set up some shots...i told them not to expect anything worth while 'cause it was only my second real attempt at filming. once i got home and looked at the footage i knew i had to put something together. ...(have a performance clip ,will post soon).

Eugenia Loli-Queru
2007 September 16th, 17:02
How did you get these "cool" colors that they don't look like video?

2007 September 16th, 17:23
what app did you use to edit these clips? this looks awesome

2007 September 17th, 03:36
what app did you use to edit these clips? this looks awesome

Final Cut Pro 6. It's for Apple Macs.

ffaf 07
2007 September 17th, 17:47
Pleeeeease post the performance clip. This guy interests me.

2007 September 17th, 20:25
Damn, that's beautiful. :hv20-smilie77:

antonio guerra
2007 September 19th, 18:17
this is a link to another trailer of the show.....was not shot with the hv20. will post the hv20 footage soon.


2007 September 20th, 14:40
That is awesome.


2008 September 22nd, 05:16
dude - that was great - loved it!!

2008 September 22nd, 08:38
I'm SO impressed... you made this LOOK really, really good, and the content was compelling, too.

2008 September 22nd, 10:53
A lot of those shots had the look you can only get with an adaptor, as opposed to that more 2 dimensional look of a naked camera that a few people dig.

2008 September 22nd, 11:27
Nice! A good adapter in the right hands can look great. Especially with the extra light you get from being outside. So many people don't light their work properly when using adapters. The natural light gave you what you needed when using one. A little soft but very nice overall.

Nice work! Loved the editing as well.

I really need to get Final Cut Pro.



2008 September 22nd, 13:20
This thread is over a year old...

2008 October 27th, 13:03
This thread is over a year old...

Yes it is, and I don't mind keeping it going because there is so much praise on this forum about TV mode; it's good to see that Cinemode is putting up a good fight.

I go back and forth, but as of yesterday and today, I like Cinemode.

Anyways, I found this video to be interesting.


2008 October 27th, 21:55
wow i cant believe i never seen this.

this was amazing man i loved it