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2007 September 12th, 13:56
Hey ya'll, I'm seriously considering buying the HV-20 just for home movie use. I know that it takes excellent videos but I was wondering how the still shots are. Specifically shots taken inside with low light and action shots. Does anyone have any shots they could upload? Also, once you push the shutter button, how long does it take to actually take the picture?

I saw that you can also get frame grabs. You just grab a frame out of the movie? How hard is it to do that? I would think it would be a pretty good quality picture since it is HD...

thank ya'll for your help,

2007 September 12th, 19:13
Hi Trevdor,
I just can tell you that 'stills' look tremendous good especially taken
in highest resolution and looked at on a HDTV.
I have not taken any shots so far in low light but will experiment soon.
Taking 'stills' from video is depending on what softwar you are using.
I had very good result with Pinnacle Studio 11 Ultimate.
Hope my downloads will work. The pictures are just reseized to fullfil the
requirements here...no filter has been used to imporve quality.
One is a close-up of a sunflower with a bee..the other my dog sleeping..and from my boat in the harbor just before going on a trip.
If you push the shutter button you will focus (in automatic mode) pushing full down will take
the picture immediately. It depends now on the quality you'v chosen to record on the Mindi SD.
You have limited access to personal setup compared to a 'photo camera' but my pictures may
give you some ideas about the quality of the camera operated by a 'newbie'
Hope to see your pictures here soon.....


2007 September 12th, 19:21
there is also loads of still photos from the hv20 on www.flickr.com. just search for hv20

2007 September 12th, 21:07
Hi duketh,
thanks for your link. Are you sure pictures on flickr are not 'edited' ?
I think the quality of pictures sent to this forum are great !
By the way....why are you an 'idiot' ??

2007 September 13th, 05:15
the photos at flickr will be compressed a little and they are uploaded as the user specifies, so they might be cropped or change but they still show a range of its still capabilities. There are some low light shots in there that I remember looking at which gives you some idea of its reach.

i feel i need to apologise on every post of mine for saying something stupid, so having that permentley at the bottom saves me time also it means you wont ever take me too seriously.

*starts making a boat out of matchsticks*

2007 September 13th, 06:37
Shot with some home made ligthing.