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2007 September 10th, 20:15
Hello, if anybody is thinking about getting the more popular prosumer microphones, I have run some tests outdoors:

Test 1: Onboard (stereo)
Test 2: Rode VideoMic (mono, shotgun, with dead cat)
Test 3: Sony F-V220 wired handheld (mono)
Test 4: Azden wireless WR/WM Pro handheld (mono)
Test 5: Azden wireless WR/WM Pro lav (mono)
Test 6: Right-Rode Left-Wireless lav via Azden 3Cam mixer
Test 7: Same as 6, with 0-10 mph wind, and sometimes disconnected (to compare to onboard)

The tests altogether are 8:47 long.

MP4 Audio+Video (~50 MB) (http://hv20.info/yopu/MicTestAV.mp4)
3GP Audio only (~2 MB) (http://hv20.info/yopu/MicTestAOnly.3gp) (sorry about the .3gp extension - my audio exporter is on the fritz again - it should play in the QuickTime player)

Conclusions -
(1) the onboard mic picks up a lot of ambient hum
(2) the rode mic on a tripod on a wooden deck makes footsteps sound like a tyrannosaurus rex
(3) the onboard mic picks up a lot of minor wind noise even with the hv20 "electronic wind screen" enabled
(4) sometimes the dead cat on the rode mic is visible in wide angle shots
(5) the wireless lav system doesn't like to transmit around building corners - the maximum distance I was from the camera was about 75 feet, well within spec. Although the wireless problems did not show up with the handheld, which uses the same transmitter, strange.

Anyway, the big conclusion is if you want to record audio outside, replacing the onboard mic is a must in order to get rid of wind noise.

2007 September 10th, 21:07
GREAT test, thanks for doing this.

By the way, Rycote sells some great little windjammers for lavalier mics. At $25.00 not particularly inexpensive, and of course not very "stealth"; but they can save a shot when wind speed is high.

(available in several colors)

2007 September 25th, 17:24
Awesome test. Very helpful in determining if the Rode videomic was right for me, and it is. Thanks!

2007 September 25th, 19:14
It's remarkable how the Rode mic is picking up deep frequencies.
My subwoofer volume is way up and I can hear very smooth thumps of foot steps and wind. I'll definitely go with that mic.

Thanks for sharing the test!

2007 October 26th, 14:26
I've spent a while trying to get a good recording set up for Youtube & Google vid, and potentially DVD, and in my scramblings for quality, have wound up with an HV20, and been using a Rode Videomic for a little while. Audio footage here was helpful. I particularly wanted to test the audibility of 'tape machine noise' etc with onboard mounting, and see what kind of capture i got.

I had to record the results, and thought (inspired by peljack's work) that i ought to go extra mile and make it available. It may be of no use, but its helped me to work out that a well positioned tripod mounted Rode will get me the audio i'm after, but that onboard mounted is not end of world...

Test footage (http://www.harmlesswise.com/blogfiles/0710/hv20-rode-videomic-tripod-test.mp4)

included in my budget/amateur film setup comments (http://www.harmlesswise.com/0710-youtube-google-video-recording-hdv-avchd) and rough ideas (all subject to change!)

Peace and love,

2007 October 27th, 21:17
I have the rode video mic. It's great at picking up those low bass sounds like your steps. But it also makes the slightest handadjustment on the camera rumble into the sound mix. I'm thinking of getting a 20' headphone extension cord and mounted the mic on my spare still photography tripod when I want to record a interview or something.

Does anybody know the best way to get that hum sound out with Sony Vegas? I've experimented with some noise gates but am new to audio restoriation.