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2007 September 7th, 23:36
Hi there, web videos seem to become a integral part of my work - so here is the second story I shot for a German magazine. Feedback welcome as always, even though I don't need people comparing me to a nazi propaganda chick anymore. But that's another story anyway...
Take care,
oops, the link: http://link.brightcove.com/services/player/bcpid1156002426

2007 September 8th, 02:14
Great quality on the upload to Brightcove. If you don't mind me asking, what compression did you use right before upload to Brightcove? Looking to publish a few vids on there, but was wondering what compression would yield the best quality...You're two cents?

Mark Dog2
2007 September 8th, 03:12
what you shoot this as 24p or 60i and what did you use microphone wise did you use the internal microphone of the hv20 or a shotgun mic hooked up to the hv20 ?

2007 September 8th, 03:32
I think this documentary was alot better than the previous one on the housing crisis. The way you pieced together the audio of the interviews with the background clips of the site and the tours was very well done. As usual the HV20 provided some great footage, although the second(i think) interview you could of perhaps dropped back another foot and got the whole face and head in the frame.
Great job MK

2007 September 8th, 05:54
I notice after about 7 seconds the footage slowly goes a bit wierd, and then snaps back to normal. It makes the peoples skin blotchy and strange, you know what I'm talking about? What causes this?

2007 September 8th, 09:42
Orchidthief, I render my projects in Sony Vegas to a fairly big WMV file and then let the Brightcove PublishPod do the flash conversion and upload. It does a great job IMO.
Mark, the footage was shot in 60i and I used a Sennheiser G2 wireless lav for the interviews. There is no way you could do decent audio with any on-camera mic with such loud background noise. If you want to save money and don't need to move around, get a hardwired lav.
Smirky, I'm not really sure what you are talking about. But I had some white balance issues with the interviews, I really need to gel my VidLed.

2007 September 8th, 20:50
I liked this one better also. But this will piss you off, the makers of Vidled should be ashamed of themselves.

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2007 September 13th, 19:20
mayhem - I don't think they are color corrected like the Vidleds and they are not as bright also. I sure wish the Vidleds were cheaper, but compared to Litepanels they are at least affordable.
Btw, I re-edited the piece and it's up on my client's website: http://www.stern.de/politik/ausland/597371.html?nv=ct_mt
If you liked the initial edit too you can green-light the film on CurrentTV here: http://www.current.tv/watch/165622052