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2007 September 4th, 02:23

Hit play and let it buffer to about 25% then hit play again and it should play the rest of the way.

Most of this was the HV20 in TV 2000 but some was the HDR-HC3 using the superslowmotion feature(which I still think is fun). On most of the clips it is the HV20 at normal speed , then hv20 .25 speed then HC3 superslowmo footage. The hc3 super slowmo footage is fuzzier and a different angle .

And a Youtube cloud timelapse set on P mode. It was about 15 minutes of video sped up to 19 seconds.

2007 September 4th, 02:37
Classic song playing there, that was pretty funny. Teeth grinding, AK squeezed tightly, popping off rounds and hearing "we aint going out like that" in the background was freaking hilarious.
I love the slow motion, seeing the shell casings float out of the AK. Very cool. That must have been one expensive(ammo-wise) shoot.

2007 September 4th, 17:55
Man I haven't bought ammo in years. Last time I got some it was about $2.75 for a box of 20 , now I just checked it's $6 a box :hv20-smilie15: .
Luckily I still have a few hundred rounds.

It wasn't too bad I only gave everyone 10 rounds each .