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2007 September 4th, 01:31
Another alligator adventure...this time it was at work and a 3 1/2 foot alligator was underneath a car in the parking lot. It was very aggressive and actually chased me down...an adrenaline rush even if it was only 3-4 feet long. Maybe I should film birds instead. Or not, I got into a fight with a duck when I was 6 (no joke, I was trying to protect a female duck on her eggs from his amourous advances and he won BTW) but that's another story........

Here's the link:

http://hv20.info/yopu/aggressive 3 1:2 foot alligator.mov

Eugenia Loli-Queru
2007 September 4th, 02:21
You are playing with fire man...

BTW, please de-interlace when you export your video. The shots where the alligator was running were really bad on a computer monitor because PC monitors don't de-interlace automatically like TVs to. Other than that, it was cool. You might want to bring some color to some of your shots thought, as some felt a lot like black and white.

Eugenia Loli-Queru
2007 September 4th, 02:29
Using Vegas I color graded one of your shots, using the color corrector plugin, color balance, contrast and curves. I believe that you can make your nice videos even more dramatic with some color grading:

2007 September 4th, 02:30
That was cool , the shot at the end was awesome. I did not have any problems with de-interlacing but use VLC player set to blend to watch most stuff. I did see some pixel-blocking but Im sure that was from copression.

Cool video

2007 September 4th, 02:53

Thanks for the tips! All raw footage. I shot those on a rainy day hence the lack of vibrant colors that I usually see with my camera. Maybe you're the person I need to talk to. I use iMovie and when I try to color correct (what little there is on iMovie) it degrades the footage badly. As for the interlacing when I export with QT on the screen where you choose the image size, I did have "de-interlace source footage" checked. Do I need to do something else? And how can one tell when you watch a video when you are watching interlaced vs de-interlaced footage? When I watch in iMovie it plays perfectly but obviously the compressed version doesn't play as well. I can't wait to start using FCP instead of iMovie.......


Eugenia Loli-Queru
2007 September 4th, 04:44
If you did de-interlace, then iMovie didn't do a good job. Either move to FCP, or get a PC just for your video work running Sony Vegas...

Regarding colors, I used a number of Sony Vegas color plugins to get to that result...

2007 September 4th, 10:50
The shot at the end would be great for some stock footage.

Hmmmm. I wonder if anyone on the HV20 board would be willing to contribute to a "stock shot" thread in which anything submitted coud be used by other members for free (and credit in the titles). It'd be interesting to see what kind of video mashups members would come up with from the footage.

Just thinking out loud.

2007 September 4th, 11:51
Hmmm, the footage looked great on my Mac with no interlacing. You are insane but that's fun stuff to watch, that gator definitely wanted some leg!

2007 September 4th, 13:53
Steve Irwin and Marlin Perkins were smiling from the heavens...good work! Ballsy!

2007 September 4th, 20:14
First of all that CROCODILE was a very small baby, and I doubt if it was over 1 and a half foot long. That being said, next time you run from a baby or adult sized CROCODILE or alligator, run diagonally it will decrease your chances of becoming lunch since they can run quite fast when going straight!!!

2007 September 4th, 21:41
Actually, if you look at the shot where he's walking under the car you can see his full length. He was about 3 to 3 1/2 feet, maybe closer to 3. He was bigger in person than shows on the video. On the other hand my other footage of an alligator on here was the complete opposite...that one looks HUGE in the video when in reality it was only about 5 to 6 feet. Having grown up in South Florida about a mile from the Everglades and a brother who works with them I can tell you that running diagonally from an alligator has pretty much been proven to be a myth. You're no better off if you run straight or diagonal.
Check out this website for the facts:


2007 September 4th, 22:38
He was a small one...but I could se he went at least the length of the tire of the car. You should come around my job...they are every-friggin-where. 10ft+ thinking they own the joint.....sometimes poppin up in peoples work sheds.

2007 September 4th, 22:56
Crocoidiles can not maneuver well on land, when they attack they move very fast propelled by their tails, change that direction and their attack is stunted. I don't want to try to outrun a crock in a straight sprint and neither should you, luckily that baby wouldn't have done much damage and was easy enough for you to outrun.:hv20-smilie51:
Ian-T Get some footy of the big ones.. Try to do it at a safer distance though...:hv20-smilie70:

2007 September 4th, 23:26
Nevertheless, I'll stick to the experts and run in a straight line if I'm ever in an unfortunate situation where I'm faced with an alligator that can actually do significant damage. According to my brother and most experts running diagonally doesn't give you any advantage and increases the likelihood of you tripping and falling which would be much worse. The 3 footer probably wouldn't have done much but the small ones can still take a finger off. Ian...where do you live? I live about a mile from the Everglades and we have some 12-13 footers out here. The ones I filmed were at work and the largest there is about only about 6 feet. I'm working on a 5 minute short about wildlife near where I work right next to the Florida turnpike. I'm done with the alligators and am filming the adult and baby iguanas that hang around the trees next to the lake. They're bigger than the alligators LOL.