View Full Version : Okay, so I have another question...

2007 September 2nd, 21:36
So I just shot my first footage a couple days ago and was finally able to cut some of it using Sony Vegas Movie Studio Platinum 8.0.

I have a question about the following two clips:



First, both clips are the same. Both were shot at 30fps. But in "Mao" when saving it to my PC from Vegas I chose the "1080 24p" template option. In "Mao 2" I chose the "1080 30p" option.

I have an untrained eye, my question for you is, do the clips look the same or is there a slight difference? I am still trying to learn all this.

Also, does the footage, when displaying it on my PC, look less clear since it is NOT an HDTV, or is it simply because of the compression process? My pc has a flat screen true life display, but, as we all know, this is not true HD.

Thanks for your help!